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IEEE-KC Science Equipment Program

Interested in an Equipment Training Session?  Contact Seth Henderson and suggest dates for the next school year.

Did you know that many science teachers in Kansas and Missouri report that they do not have access to all of the resources they need?  The IEEE Kansas City Section would like to see that change for the better, especially here in the Kansas City metro!  We’ve initiated a program where science equipment that may not normally be easily available to our section members or local area educators can be accessed through the IEEE Section.  The equipment currently available includes:

  • 500kV Van de Graaff generator
  • 50kV Tesla Coil
  • Ring-launching induction coil device
  • Generator demonstration model
  • Electric motor demonstration model
  • Geiger counter
  • A number of other smaller items

The equipment can be reserved by IEEE members, and is also available directly to local area educators once they complete a training session.  Contact Seth Henderson or Alan Washburn for information on how to reserve the equipment, or to schedule an information session at your workplace to learn more about how the program works and how you can incorporate this equipment into educational outreach efforts in your community.

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Thank you for helping us to make a difference!