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Welcome to IEEE-KC, IEEE Region 5 – Kansas City Section.

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The IEEE, Kansas City Section covers a large geographic area bounded by the Kansas border on the north and the Missouri border on the south. The western boundary reaches far into Kansas and the eastern boundary reaches far into Missouri.The IEEE, Kansas City Section offers many opportunities for members to develop “resume points,” sharpen career skills, and build a valuable network of important technical and business contacts. Our members truly enjoy getting together for these and other benefits.

  • We have over 1,200 members, most of whom subscribe to our newsletters and announcements. Students attend our Section dinner meetings regularly (from as far away as Pittsburg, KS).
  • We are based in Kansas City. If you don’t think Kansas City has a lot to offer, you are mistaken! See this Website:
  • Review this list of IEEE  Member Discounts.
  • Watch this IEEE-USA video.
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