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Educational Activities

The IEEE is committed to supporting education at a fundamental level – both for its members, and also for the communities in which they live.  We have ongoing efforts in career and job education resources, continuing education, university programs and accreditation, and in pre-university education.  As an extension of the worldwide IEEE support of education, the IEEE Kansas City Section strives to ensure that we are providing these same types of programs and resources to our members and the surrounding community as best we can.

However, as the world’s largest technical professional society, we recognize that we depend on the volunteer efforts of our members for much of what we are able to accomplish in our communities.  As a result, we are currently working to become a better resource to our members and to area educators, and we are also working to become a bridge between our members and other organizations, programs, and resources in the community.  Our current areas of focus include:

Additionally, we are always looking for input or feedback from our section members or area educators on other programs or opportunities to support.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the current Educational Activities chairperson as listed on our Officers directory.  Thank you!

Educational Outreach Resources

Have a resource to suggest?  Let us know!